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HQ Renovations has over 30 years of experience working with clients to create unique office designs in London and across the UK. With added expertise in office refurbishment, whether you’re upgrading a dilapidated office building or enhancing your company’s headquarters, we can offer a comprehensive service that prioritises quality and affordability.

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Jessica Cox Commercial and Office Interior Design

The HQ Renovations Office Design Team

Award Winning office design company Jessica Cox Design has been creating spaces with an innovative and professional approach for many years. Clients are provided with expert guidance throughout the entire design process. Having worked on an extensive portfolio of commercial spaces, Jessica Cox Design provides memorable commercial interior office designs in London that are unique to each individual project.

Jessica Cox Commercial and Office Interior Design

Office Design in London

We strive to design the perfect space for every project, whether you want it ready to rent, or to add personal brand touches, we can make your vision become a reality. We work closely with clients on commercial interior office designs across London and the UK to develop stylish and functional spaces quickly, helping you settle in, or rent out your space faster.

Who are we for?

Property managers


Business Owners


Estate Agents

What do we do?

No matter what stage you are at with your interior project, our tailored services ensure that you get the results you want.

Ready to Move

Like a Cat A fit out, this is perfect for landlords and estate agents, making sure your space is functional and compliant, with the added bonus of useful kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings and neutral decor ready for your tenant to move in and add their personal touch.

Ready to Use

A great option for businesses to add their personal branded touch to their office or retail space to create a cohesive, attractive, and functional atmosphere. We work closely with you to design a space that meets your specific business needs, and we do it with style.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Office Space?

Our High-Quality Commercial Interior Office Design Services

At HQ Renovations we create spaces with you in mind, which is why our services are completely tailored to suit your vision.

Design Consultation
for A, A+, B



Finishing touches/



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The Interior Office Design Process

A step-by-step walkthrough of the interior design process:

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First you meet with a member of the team to discuss your interior design needs and budget.

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We create CGIs and space mock-ups to help you visualise the transformation.

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We walk you through the process, providing samples and collaborating with you on the details.

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Once the design is agreed upon, work starts, orders are placed, and a timeframe of the project is officially set.

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The project is complete, and we add the final finishing touches!

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Professional Photography

The opportunity to properly showcase the space in all its glory, perfect for landlords and agents.

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We document the whole journey from start to finish, meaning we can create some fascinating guest blog content for your marketing team to share your transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To design an effective office space, the process must begin with consultancy with the client. To establish who the end user is going to be, how they work and what the needs are for the staff and visitors that use the space. 

Then the company branding and colours are studied to see how they can be incorporated – to ensure the interiors give a clear message into who is occupying the space. Once this structure is established the creative process begins, and we strive to make each space unique and eye-catching.

Office design hugely affects productivity. Not only from a physical point of view – if the printer is too far away from the main office space or there is too much noise pollution between walls in a meeting room it will affect how efficiently staff can work in the space, but by having an uninspiring space to work in will discourage people from spending time there – or from inviting clients and customers into the office. 

By creating an environment that the staff are comfortable and enjoying spending time in, the productivity comes naturally! And as you can imagine, better quality work will come from employees that are both healthy and content in their position. This means investing in comfortable, great quality office furniture for any office space is always worthwhile.

Offices need to maximise the space to fit in all the staff and allow for company growth – but also have enough room to feel comfortable and ensure there are areas for all the working needs. Fighting over meeting rooms or not having enough space to eat lunch are very important factors to think about when designing an office space – not just the physical number of desks. 

Using experienced designers and contractors ensure that all these elements are thought through and planned out at the very beginning of a project and every inch of space is thought through and utilised.

The key elements to office design are:

  • A mix of spaces – establishing the different spaces for different needs, open space plan desking, private offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas – including all that are essential to the companies needs.
  • Comfort – from the type of flooring, lighting, heating and cooling systems and equipment used. There is no denying the fact that sitting for long periods of time can negatively impact one’s physical wellbeing. Considering height adjustable desks and ergonomic seating are just two ways to improve comfort levels and improve the working comfort of staff.
  • Colour – complementing the company branding, whilst creating a fresh, pleasing working environment  – colour is a vital part of the design process.
  • Lighting and Greenery – using as much natural lighting (or creating the illusion of natural lighting) is vital to creating an effective office environment and has a big impact on the mood of the people within the space. And using as much greenery as possible is always beneficial – not only by looking aesthetically pleasing but by actually improving air quality!
  • Flexible and Spacious – being able to make the space completely fit for purpose and suit the maximum amount of end users, all whilst maintaining a spacious feel – absolutely essential.

Office interiors are key to a comfortable, productive, and inspiring environment. The space you work in affects your mood and energy levels. Certain colours are proven to boost creativity and focus – and being surrounded by the wrong colours can do the opposite. As an employer you want your staff to be happy and comfortable so in turn they can work to their optimum and enjoy the space they are in.

Another important factor at Cat A or A+ is that you want the space to be appealing to prospective tenants and to achieve the maximum potential for the rent. Interiors are a proven way to make your space stand out within the market and to give a higher return on the initial investment. The power of good design!

Office design services include:

  • Full consultation
  • Site survey
  • Design suggestions and ideas
  • Client presentation
  • Design development
  • Inventory and budget breakdown
  • Project management
  • Furniture installation
  • Styling services
  • Client handover
  • Enjoy the space!

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