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Create a dynamic workspace in Surrey that blends practicality with stunning visual appeal for your team.

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For the past 30 years, HQ Renovations has been working with clients to create office designs tailored to the unique needs of their businesses. With designs all across London, Surrey, and the surrounding home counties, our experience has provided unmatched expertise for building practical, dynamic, and appealing workspaces. 

Our office refurbishment services in Surrey ensure that we can offer a high-quality and affordable transformation to a broad range of offices – from upgrading a dilapidated building to designing a new office headquarters from scratch.

In Collaboration with
Jessica Cox Design

Jessica Cox Design has spent many years now creating innovative spaces with her professional and trustworthy flair. The process of designing a new office space can be daunting - but with expert guidance to help you navigate each step, there’s nothing to worry about. With an extensive portfolio, Jessica Cox Design has provided memorable commercial interior designs in Surrey, London, and surrounding areas that are each wholly catered to the unique and individual details of the project.

Our Design and Renovation Services in Interior Design Surrey

Cat A Fit Out in Interior Design Surrey

Much like a Cat A, a Cat A+ fit-out is a great option for landlords and estate agents. Ensure your space is fully functional and compliant with local guidelines, and enjoy the benefits of practical kitchens, bathrooms, furnishings, and natural decor. Everything will be perfectly in place for your tenant to move in and design the space to their liking. 

Cat B Fit Out in Interior Design Surrey

This is a wonderful option for businesses looking to add their very own personal touch to their commercial office or retail space. By working closely with our team, you will be able to create an attractive, cohesive, dynamic, and functional workplace atmosphere to benefit your team. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure all your specific business needs are met - and we will do it all with unforgettable style.
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Our High-Quality Interior Design Services

At HQ Renovations we create spaces with you in mind, which is why our services are completely tailored to suit your vision.

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The Interior Design Process

A step-by-step walkthrough of the interior design process:
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First you meet with a member of the team to discuss your interior design needs and budget.
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We create CGIs and space mock-ups so to help you visualise the transformation.
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We walk you through the process, providing samples and collaborating with you on the details.
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Once the design is agreed upon, work starts, orders are placed, and a timeframe of the project is officially set.
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The project is complete, and we add the final finishing touches!
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Professional Photography

The opportunity to properly showcase the space in all its glory, perfect for landlords and agents.
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We document the whole journey from start to finish, meaning we can create some fascinating guest blog content for your marketing team to share your transformation.

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Ready to transform your bland office into something fresh and exciting? Looking to design a memorable and practical new space from scratch in Surrey? With unbeatable experience and expertise in the commercial interior design space, HQ Renovations is the team you’ve been waiting for. 

We’ll work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you don’t just get an office you’re happy with, but one that fully encapsulates the needs and appeal of your business. Reach out today for a quote, and let’s start discussing your dream office.

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Interior Design Surrey and Surrounds

Our design services have been utilised in Surrey and all over the UK, and we are proud to bring unforgettable office spaces to the Surrey area. HQ Renovations can provide our commercial interior design offers to businesses throughout Surrey and its local areas. If you’re a Surrey local looking for a design team you can trust, we’re ready to take your call.

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