Commercial Office Refurbishment in London

Whether you want to refresh your space or completely transform it, we are the team to call for outstanding results.

Commercial Office Refurbishment in
London, UK

HQ Renovations have been working with clients for over three decades to produce stunning and functional commercial office refurbishments in London and across the UK (and commercial renovations). If your office space no longer reaches its full potential to help you achieve your goals, our team of talented refurbishment contractors provides affordable, tailored services to help you re-imagine the office of your dreams.

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What is an Office Refurbishment?

A commercial office refurbishment is the perfect solution for refreshing a workspace. The process is entirely customisable to suit the specific needs and requirements of the project, with work spanning from renovations and plumbing to decoration, office interior design and furnishings, and everything in between.

How do I Know if I want an Office Refurbishment or an Office Fit Out?

Consider what stage you are at in the development process. An office refurbishment typically transforms an existing office space, often to better serve functionality and new demands, tie in with business re-brand, or suit an expansion or downsizing.

An office fit out is undertaken in the instance of a new office space and will focus on bringing the space up to regulation, ready for use. You can read more about our fit out process here.

Commercial Office Refurbishment to Fit Your Needs

No two offices function the same, an office refurbishment is a tailored solution to help your workspace serve your specific business needs to help you achieve your goals, what that looks like is different for every project.

Our talented team of office refurbishment contractors in London will help you plan around your requirements and budget for an affordable, hassle-free process in a wide range of areas.

Floor Plan

We can design a layout with functionality in mind. Reduce office traffic, encourage collaboration with open plan, or peace and privacy with a cellular layout.


Don’t limit your potential with a lack of electrical outlets or outdated routers. We integrate technology requirements seamlessly into the space.


Style and colour pallets can greatly affect the office mood. We help you align your space with your brand or give the space a refresh to boost productivity and style.


We know how to make the best use of natural light in the space and provide the installation of better lighting solutions to enhance efficiency.

Noise Reduction

We can help eliminate unnecessary distractions by considering layout solutions to reduce noise and distractions from printers, kettles, and collaborative projects.


We effortlessly blend comfort, ergonomics and style with productivity and functionality, choosing desks, chairs. Storage and office equipment to fit your needs.

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Our Office Refurbishment Process

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Site Inspection and Quote

We will collaborate with you to reach and understand your refurbishment goals and budget and produce a quote for your project.

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If you want a professionally designed office equipped with modern features and innovative functionality, we’ll refer you to a trusted designer.

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Return Visit and Approval

Once you’re happy, you can approve the works to commence. We’ll start the process with a return visit, bringing relevant contractors to view the site.

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We’ll use our leading trades and strive to deliver your project on time.

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Milestones for Large Projects

If your project is taking place over a few months, we’ll assign milestones to track our progress.

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Signed off

Once construction is done, we’ll ensure all necessary checks and signoffs have been completed.

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Your renovation is complete. Now it’s time to enjoy your newly refurbished office!

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Frequently Asked Questions

While the time commitment of each project varies, we always strive to deliver what we promise. To learn about how long your project could take, enquire today.

The typical price range of an office refurbishment can vary greatly from project to project as no two office refurbishments are the same. Generally, you can expect it to cost between £50-£70 per square foot, however, there are many factors to consider, which is why getting a quote upfront is best. 

The most important factor is to discuss your needs and budget ahead of time, our goal is to make dream spaces come true. If you’d like to get a more precise quote for your office refurbishment, enquire today

An office refurbishment allows you to customise your work environment  to suit your specific needs as a business to reach your goals. If your space no longer reaches its full potential, an office refurbishment can help refresh or completely transform it. If you’d like to know more about the feasibility of an office refurbishment, enquire today.

Our team will work with you to help you realise your specific goals; however, it helps to speed up the process if you can identify your objectives, workstyle, company branding and story, size, and budget.

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