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Specialist fit out contractors in London offering Cat A Office Fit Outs, Cat A+ Office Fit Outs & Cat B Office Fit Outs.

Expert Office Fit Out Contractors in London, UK

We are office fit out contractors with over 30 years’ experience working with commercial office refurbishment and commercial office renovation projects, especially for offices throughout London and across the UK. Whether you’re trying to upgrade a dilapidated office building or enhance your company’s headquarters, we can offer a comprehensive office fit out service that prioritises quality and affordability.

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What is an Office Fit Out?

An office fit out is a specialised service that fundamentally transforms an office space to enhance both its functionality and visual appeal. This process is crucial in commercial refurbishments and renovations, ensuring that the workspace is not only efficient but also conducive to productivity. 

Office fit out experts such as HQ Renovations categorise these transformations into three primary types: Cat A, Cat A+, and Cat B.

Each category of office fit out service, as detailed below, offers different levels of customization, tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of businesses, making it easier to find an ideal solution that aligns with operational goals and aesthetic values.

The choice between these categories allows organisations to precisely scale their environment’s design and features according to their unique brand requirements and functional needs.

Selecting the right office fit out contractors is crucial as it impacts the project’s outcome significantly. Experienced contractors, like HQ Renovations, have the expertise to guide our clients through the complex process of office transformation, from initial design consultation to the final touches. Their deep understanding of each fit out category ensures that every aspect of the office design is executed to perfection, reflecting our client’s vision and enhancing the overall workplace environment.

Ultimately, an effective office fit out contributes to a more dynamic and inspiring workplace. It not only reflects the company’s identity but also boosts morale and productivity among employees. Whether upgrading an existing space or fitting out a new one, working with seasoned office fit out experts ensures that every square foot of your office space is optimised for success.

We Offer the Following Office Fit Out Services:

How do I know if I want an
Office Fit Out or an Office Refurbishment?

Consider what stage you are at in the development process. An office fit out is undertaken in the instance of a new office space, be it a landlord or developer, looking to bring a building up to industry regulations, or a tenant ready to put their stamp on the new office space.

Office refurbishment will often apply to refreshing your existing space, from renovations to design and re-branding. 

Cat A Office Fit Outs vs. Cat B Office Fit Outs

Understanding the differences between Category A fit outs and Category B fit outs is essential.
When embarking on a commercial refurbishment journey, the distinction between these fit-out categories plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of your workspace. At HQ Renovations, our commitment to excellence is unwavering whether you lean towards a Cat A or Cat B fit out. With a team of expert contractors, we bring a fusion of functionality and visual appeal tailored to your brand's identity.

Cat A Office Fit Out in London
A Cat A fit out involves building on the main structure (the shell and core) of a space, and then focusing on creating a blank canvas comprising of the basic necessities. This means that elements like lighting, air conditioning, toilets, flooring, ceiling, and basic fire detection are completed.

Cat A fit outs guarantee your building is structurally sound and complies with regulation codes. This is ideal for landlords that want to refurbish a dilapidated building for sale, ensuring they can appeal to a wide clientele ready to put their own mark on it.
With a Cat B fit out you benefit from everything found in a Cat A fit out, plus additional features that allow a personal touch and make the space readily designed and functional for moving in. This includes partitions and doors, floor finishes, cafes, kitchens, furniture, branded décor, specialist lighting, design elements, bookshelves and more.

In a Cat B fit out, everything can be tailored to suit your business needs, from open plan to calming and compact workspaces. A Cat B office fit out supplies everything you need in the office to function in your day-to-day and can be deigned to align beautifully with your brand. This is ideal for clients that want to tailor a space to their company or prepare the office space for rent.
Cat B Office Fit Out in London
Our team of expert fit out contractors in London are on hand to help with your office fit out needs. Click below to get a quote today.

Office Fit Outs in London - Simplified

Office fit outs and the process of transforming your building’s shell into a compliant and functional workspace becomes an effortless venture with HQ Renovations. Our expertise as fit out contractors in London ensure that your space not only aligns with health and safety standards, but also sets the foundation for future commercial refurbishments. Engage with us, and we promise a transparent journey, keeping you informed at each stage of the office fit out process.

Room Specific Cat B Office Fit Outs

With a Cat B fit out, you have the freedom to tailor each space to suit your specific needs. HQ Renovations are qualified and experienced in helping you achieve the full potential of any room.

London office kitchen fit out

Cat B Fit Outs

A kitchen cat b fit out provides a space with all the basic necessities for a functional office kitchen.

Plumbing, storage space, electrical elements and more are taken care of here, as well as stylish design elements if desired.

London office boardroom fit out

Conference Room
Cat B Fit Outs

Conference room cat b fit outs build a productive space that allows for seamless office collaboration.

Providing storage solutions, Wi-Fi installation, and electrical and wiring suitable for presentations, video meetings, audio calls and more.

London office breakroom fit out

Cat B Fit Outs

Breakroom Cat B fit outs can create a space for quiet relaxation, project work and creativity.

From comfortable furnishings to electrical outlets, this office fit out can be easily customised to suit any purpose.

Are you ready to create the perfect space with out office fit out services?
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The Office Fit Out Process

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Site Inspection and Quote

We’ll inspect your site, work to understand your fit out goals and produce a quote for your project.

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If you want a professionally designed office equipped with modern features and innovative functionality, we’ll refer you to a trusted designer.

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Return Visit and Approval

Once you’re happy, you can approve the works to commence. We’ll start the process with a return visit, bringing relevant contractors to view the site.

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We’ll use our leading trades and strive to deliver your project on time.

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Milestones for Large Projects

If your project is taking place over a few months, we’ll assign milestones to track our progress.

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Signed off

Once construction is done, we’ll ensure all necessary checks and signoffs have been completed.

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Your fit out is complete. Now it’s time to enjoy your new office space!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an office fit out different to an office refurbishment is the stage of development you are looking for. Cat A and Cat B will typically occur in the beginning stages of the office, with the former transforming the shell and core to bring it up to basic standards, and the latter, adding in the more personal details so it’s move-in ready. A refurbishment will make changes to the already existing and used space to make improvements. If you’re unsure whether you need a fit out or a refurbishment, enquire with a member of our team today for help.

A renovation typically depends on the stage of development you are looking for. Like a refurbishment, a renovation is often needed to make changes to the currently used space. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, renovation is usually a larger-scale, structural project, and a refurbishment tends to be smaller and less intrusive.

A fit out contractor will get your building ‘move-in ready’. With a Cat A fit out, that would mean bringing the shell and core up to regulation and making sure it complies with health and safety law, often used by property managers and landlords. A Cat B fit out adds in the finer details that bring in furnishings, décor and additional amenities that a tenant will need to put their personal stamp on the project.

There are several factors that will contribute to the timeline of an office fit out project, from the type of fit out needed, to the size of the space. While the time commitment of each project varies, we always strive to deliver in the time frame promised. To learn about how long your project could take, enquire today.

The typical price range of an office fit out can vary greatly from project to project as no two office fit outs are the same.

Cat A fit outs can range £20-£60k depending on size of office and fittings such carpets, lighting, new electrics, new partitioning’s and ceilings.

Cat B fit outs have a much broader scope, we start from £20k, up to 1/2 million depending on full specification.

The most important factor is to discuss your needs and budget ahead of time, our goal is to make dream spaces come true. If you’d like to get a more precise quote for your office fit out, enquire today.

Yes, the buildings we work on vary in regard to size, location, purpose and age. We have worked on heritage buildings in the past and can renovate the space while honouring heritage features.

From the moment you go ahead with the project, we will take on the project management responsibilities, from setting goals to reaching milestones, you’ll know what to expect with an office fit out, and most importantly, when. We plan our fit outs with as little disruption as possible to your day-to-day office life.

We use a trusted team of trades, including plumbers, electricians and more. They have been selected for their professionalism, reliability and commitment to high-quality work.

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