Cat A Fit Out in London

A functional, safe, and secure blank canvas for your commercial space.

Cat A Fit Out:
A Step Above Shell And Core

Welcome to HQ Renovations, your premier provider of Cat A fit out services in London. If you’re a landlord or developer looking to attract tenants to your commercial property, or a business owner searching for the perfect workspace, our office fit out services may be what you are looking for. Our Cat A fit out services are designed to create a blank canvas for your unique needs.
Our team of experienced fit out contractors in London are committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how our Cat A fit out services can create the perfect blank canvas for your office space.

What Is a Cat A Fit Out?

A Cat A Fit Out typically refers to a basic level of refurbishment that a landlord carries out on an empty office space before letting it out to tenants. This type of office renovation usually includes the provision of raised floors, suspended ceilings, lighting, and air conditioning systems. The aim is to provide a clean, modern, and functional space that tenants can then 'fit out' themselves with their own furniture and equipment.

Included In Your Cat A Fit Out


The flooring will be raised and given a basic finish so it’s safe to walk on.


The ceiling will be suspended to meet regulations and provide protection from the elements.


Nothing fancy, but basic lighting so you can see your space during both day and night.

Mechanical And Electrical Services

This includes air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and in some cases lifts and escalators.

Fire Detection

Including smoke alarms and fire protection services for the safety of everybody on site.


To make sure the space meets regulations.

Cat A Fit Out vs
Cat A+ Fit Out vs
Cat B Fit Out

A Cat A+ fit out (A Plus) is a type of office fit out that sits between the traditional Cat A and Cat B fit outs. Landlords provide a plug-and-play solution, which means prospective tenants only need to bring their staff, IT equipment, and coffee beans.

Unlike heavily customised Cat B fit outs that reflect a tenant’s culture, brand and working style, Cat A Plus fit outs are often stylish blank canvases suitable for a wide range of tenants from various industries. They come with basic amenities and furniture such as workstations, desks, furnished breakout spaces, tea points, kitchens, and even coffee machines.

Is A Cat A Fit Out Right For You?

A Blank Canvas

Your Cat A fit out will be a blank canvas – ready for you (or your tenant) to make your mark.

Safe And Habitable

All elements of your Cat A fit out will be safe, secure, and functional.

Elevate Your Investment

Perfect for investors and landlords, a Cat A fit out will help you optimise your property investment.

From Concept To Completion


We’ll start by understanding your vision for the space and providing a quote.


Once approved, we’ll begin work – acting as your project manager and handling all aspects of the fit out.


Our team and network of partners will work to deliver your Cat A fit to the highest standard.

Questions About Cat A Fit Out

A Cat A (Category A) Fit Out refers to the basic finishing of a commercial space, preparing it for occupation. This fit-out level generally includes essential components such as suspended ceilings, raised flooring, basic mechanical and electrical services, and fire detection systems. The space is typically left as an open plan, allowing potential tenants or future projects to customize it to specific needs. A Cat A fit-out doesn’t include decorative elements or specific office amenities, as these are usually covered in a Cat B fit-out. In simpler terms, think of a Cat A fit-out as creating a blank canvas, ready for personalization.

A Cat A fit out serves to ensure that a space meets safety regulations and building codes, creating a safe and blank canvas for the next phase of development.

A Cat A fit out typically includes essential features such as raised flooring, ceilings, toilets, fire detection, basic mechanical and electrical services like lighting, and air conditioning and ventilation. It may also include lifts and escalators depending on the size and purpose of the building.

A Cat A fit out assures that a space is safe, habitable, and compliant with building regulations. It also provides a blank canvas that allows tenants to fit out the space according to their needs and preferences, which can expand the pool of potential occupants.

Building developers and landlords are the primary clientele who request Cat A fit outs.

Yes! We can also facilitate Cat A+ fit out and Cat B fit out. No matter your office goals, our team is ready to help you achieve them.

The duration of a Cat A fit out project depends on various factors, such as the size of the space. Please contact HQ Renovations for an initial timeline estimate for your specific space.

Start Your Cat A Fit Out with HQ Renovations

If you are a building developer or landlord seeking to ensure your space is compliant with building codes and regulations, and ready for occupancy, look no further than HQ Renovations. Our Cat A fit out services create a safe, blank canvas for the next phase of development, providing the basic necessities for your space. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your vision for your property.

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