Cat A Fit Outs: Everything You Need to Know

As a landlord, you want to ensure your building or space is appealing to as many potential tenants as possible. If your current space is fitted out for one purpose, that’s great for tenants in the same industry. But with that, you’re decreasing your options— and, in turn, decreasing your rental potential. And if your building is dilapidated and run-down, your chances of finding a tenant are even lower. To get the best and highest quality tenants through your door and considering your space for their business, you need a Cat A fit out. 

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What is a Cat A Fit Out? 

A Cat A (Category A) fit out is a step above the shell or core of the main structure. It includes the basic elements such as lighting, flooring, and ceiling, and ensures the space complies with regulations. With a Cat A fit out, your building is certified as safe and structurally sound and includes all of the necessities for a tenant to come in and put their stamp on it. 

What Does a Cat A Fit Out Include? 

  • Flooring

The flooring will be raised and given a basic finish so it’s safe to walk on. 

  • Ceiling

The ceiling will be suspended to meet regulations and provide protection from the elements. 

  • Lighting

Nothing fancy, but basic lighting so you can see your space during both day and night. 

  • Mechanical & Electrical Services

This includes air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and in some cases lifts and escalators. 

  • Fire Detection

Including smoke alarms and fire protection services for the safety of everybody on site. 

  • Toilets

To make sure the space meets regulations. 

If your building needs development or improvement to meet regulation standards, a Cat A fit out will tick all the necessary boxes. A Cat C fit out will turn your empty shell into. Blank canvas, ready for personalisation and decoration for your tenant, whoever they may be. To get started on your Cat A fit out, contact us at HQ Renovations today. 

Your Cat A Fit Out Questions Answered

  • What is a Cat A fit out?

A Cat A fit out creates a blank canvas to ensure the space meets regulations and building codes, making it a safe space ready for takeover. 

  • What Does a Cat A fit out include?

A Cat A fit out includes the basic necessities a space needs, such as raised flooring, ceilings, and toilets. It also includes fire detection, basic mechanical and electrical services like lighting, and air conditioning and ventilation. Depending on the size and/or purpose of the building, a Cat A fit out can also include lifts and escalators. 

  • What are the benefits of a Cat A fit out?

With a Cat A fit out you can rest assured your space is habitable, safe for use, and adheres to building regulations. It also widens your pool of potential tenants, as the blank canvas can be further fitted out as the tenant sees fit. 

  • Who is a Cat A fit out for?

Cat A fit outs are best suited to building developers and/or landlords, and these are the main clientele who request Cat A fit outs. 

  • How long does it take to complete a Cat A fit out?

The length of time it will take depends on many factors, including the size of your space. For an initial timeline estimate for your space, please contact us at HQ Renovations. 

A Cat B fit out is a step above Cat A in that it is more tailored to the specific tenant. A Cat B fit out will include functional spaces like workstations and fully-fitted kitchens, and more personalised details like design and branding. 

Why Choose HQ Renovations?

HQ Renovations is the high-quality renovation and office fit out service you’ve been searching for. Between our diligence in making sure everything is top-notch and our dedication to customer service, you can’t go past HQ Renovations for your building’s or space’s needs. With over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, our multi-skilled team have talents across every type of trade you need to fit out your space to become the blank canvas your tenants want. 

Get a Quote For Your Cat A Fit Out

If you’ve been looking at your rundown building and wondering how you’ll ever get a tenant in, HQ Renovations is here to address the problem and create the solution. With over 30 years’ experience in construction and associated trades, we’re committed to producing quality work each and every time to ensure your satisfaction. To get started on your Cat A fit out, contact our team at HQ Renovations today.

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