The 5 Steps of an Office Renovation

Is your office looking a little worse for wear? Our team at HQ Renovations are trusted office fit out contractors in London with over 30 years’ experience and can assist with everything from design to construction. Partner with us to achieve the look you want, to get the business you want.

In this article, we’ll run you through the typical process of an office renovation and explain what we can do to make your space look as sleek and stunning as possible! For personalised advice, contact our team today.

  1. Assess Your Current Office

What look does your current office have? Does that look suit the style you want to project to your employees or your clients? Things to consider include:

  • Is your workspace modern? If not, is that the style you are going for? On the other hand, is it too modern and could use some softening up?
  • Does it have ample natural daylight? While sometimes that isn’t the easiest thing to achieve here in the UK, we have workarounds that can promote natural light in your workspace which in turn can promote productivity.
  • How’s your layout? Open plan? Lots of small offices? One big table? Some layouts work better than others, depending on the type of business you’re in and the working style you want to promote. We can help you identify the best layout for your needs.

2.    Design

After you’ve considered the style, you currently have, it’s time to decide on your new design. We have a large range of trusted designers who can work with you to determine what style it is that you want, what will work best in your space, and what designs would promote the most productivity in your workspace. Popular styles include:

  • Minimalist
  • Modern and creative
  • Modern and hi-tech
  • Traditional
  • Eco-friendly

When the plans are all sorted, we’ll bring the relevant contractors to your site to get everybody acquainted. Once you approve the design, we’ll get the work started!

  1. Construction

We use leading tradespeople who are well-versed in providing high-quality work within budgets and strict timeframes. Depending on your project, you may be able to continue working in your office while we work around you and your business hours, or you may decide to relocate to a temporary office space while we revamp your space.

  1. Milestones

When we come up with our renovation plan, we’ll agree on an expected timeframe and a date to have the project completed by. Within this date there will be milestones for each section of the fit out so we can track our progress to make sure everything’s running smoothly and on time.

  1. Handover

Once construction is done, we run through additional checks to ensure everything is done to our high standards, sign off, and hand you the keys. Your newly transformed office is happy with its new look and is excited to welcome you and your employees to your new workspace, where you’ll function better— and more stylishly— than ever before.

Ready to get your office renovation underway?

We hope this blog helped you get an idea of the ins and outs of office renovations and what your next steps will be. Our team is excited as you are, and we can’t wait to help you create the office of your dreams! If you’re ready to get started, click the button below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to get your plans up and running.

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