High-Quality Interior Design: A Collaboration with Jessica Cox Design

At HQ Renovations we’re all about making amazing connections to continue improving the quality of our services, which is why we’d like to celebrate the successful partnership with Jessica Cox Design. Both we and Jessica have extensive experience in commercial interior design, meaning this collaboration is a match made in heaven. Be it for landlords, property managers, retailers or business owners, our clients can rest easy knowing their property is in the right hands.  

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This blog keeps you up to date with the latest HQ Renovations news and explains what to expect when on your interior design journey with us. To chat with an expert about your interior design ideas, reach out to HQ Renovations today. 

About Jessica: The Interior Design Expert 

To say that Jessica has an eye for design would be an understatement. Jessica is able to envision a property’s full potential and bring that into reality. With a wealth of knowledge in the property market, she is able to craft eye-catching interiors that help a property shine, while still suiting a wide market. Not only that but her plentiful experience in creating practical, stylish, and branded workspaces makes her the go-to designer for putting your own personal mark on your new space.  

7 Steps to Beautiful Interior Design 

As the experts in commercial renovation and fit-outs, we are excited to bring in Jessica’s flair for design to polish your property and help it reach its fullest potential. If you’re overflowing with ideas but aren’t sure where to start, fear not! We will walk you through the process every step of the journey to help you achieve your dream space.  

Step 1. Consultation 

You have an idea of what you want but aren’t sure how to make it happen. At this stage, you’ll consult with a friendly member of our team to discuss your thoughts and begin to build a timescale and budget for the project. 

Step 2. Design 

It’s time to put words into visuals. Our team will craft several personalised CGI images and mock-ups of your ideas to help you visualise the transformation. This stage is great because it not only helps you see what you like but may even show you what you don’t like before it’s too late! 

Step 3. Presentation 

We like to keep our clients in the know at every stage. At this point we will take you through the process, sharing samples of colours, fabrics, and all the finer details, collaborating with you from start to finish.  

Step 4. Transform 

You’ve flicked through the samples and finalised the design. Now is the time for us to lay out an official timeframe, begin placing orders and get to work on creating your perfect space. 

Step 5. Completion 

After adding the final touches all the hard work finally falls into place and we can call the project complete! 

Step 6. Professional Photography 

It’s time to give your new space the photoshoot it deserves. This stage is a great opportunity to get some high-quality snaps of the transformation ready for landlords or property managers to sell, or tenants to showcase. 

Step 7. Marketing 

We love to see a project come to fruition and document the entire process from beginning to end, meaning we can create some captivating guest blog content for your marketing team to show off your transformation. 

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When the time comes for you to make your interior design vision a reality, it’s good to have a dedicated, experienced team by your side! Look no further than HQ Renovations and Jessica Cox, our goal is to help your property reach its full potential. Get in contact with one of our friendly experts today for a quote. 

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