Is a Cat B Fit Out Right for Your Space?

There are endless benefits to planning a Cat B office fit out. That said, not every business needs this specific category of renovations. So, what is right for you?

In this blog, we dive into all the basics of Cat B fit outs to help you figure out if this is the right type of renovation for your space. Continue reading to learn about your fit out options and some of the reasons to consider transforming your office space.

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What is a Cat B Fit Out?

A Cat B (Category B) fit out refers to the process of customising and refurbishing an existing office space to meet specific functional and aesthetic requirements. Unlike Cat A fit out, which focuses on basic structural elements like walls, floors, and ceilings, Cat B involves the installation of interior finishes, fixtures, and furnishings tailored to the needs of the occupants. This includes partitioning, lighting, furniture, IT infrastructure, and branding elements, among others.


Cat B fit outs enable businesses to create bespoke work environments that align with their corporate identity, culture, and operational needs. By investing in a Cat B fit out, organisations can optimise space utilisation, enhance workflow efficiency, and foster a conducive atmosphere for productivity and collaboration. Whether it’s redesigning meeting rooms, breakout areas, or open-plan workspaces, Cat B fit outs offer a versatile solution to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of office spaces, ultimately contributing to the success and well-being of employees.

Cat A vs. Cat B – What’s the Difference?

Both Cat A and Cat B fit outs play crucial roles in improving office spaces and culture. Cat A fit outs provide the basic infrastructure necessary for a functional workspace, laying the foundation for further enhancements. Meanwhile, Cat B fit outs allow businesses to customise the interior to reflect their identity, culture, and operational needs, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among employees.

Cat A and Cat B fit outs represent distinct stages in the process of preparing an office space for occupancy, each serving different purposes and involving specific elements.

Cat A Fit Out:

    • Focuses on providing a basic shell or core structure of the office space.
    • Typically includes services such as lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as basic finishes like flooring, ceilings, and walls.
    • Aimed at making the space functional and habitable but without any specific design or layout customization.
    • Suitable for tenants who require a blank canvas to fit out according to their specific needs and preferences.

Cat B Fit Out:

  • Involves customizing the interior of the office space to meet the specific requirements and branding of the tenant.
  • Includes installation of interior finishes, fixtures, and furnishings such as partitioning, lighting, furniture, IT infrastructure, branding elements, and amenities.
  • Aimed at creating a tailored workspace that reflects the identity, culture, and operational needs of the tenant.
  • Suitable for businesses seeking to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and employee well-being within the office environment.

Who is an Office Fit Out For?

Cat B fit outs are tailored solutions designed for businesses seeking to customise and enhance their office spaces to meet specific goals and requirements. They are particularly beneficial for companies across various industries, including tech startups, creative agencies, corporate offices, and professional services firms.


Businesses aiming to reinforce their brand identity, foster a positive work culture, and boost employee morale often opt for Cat B fit outs.

These fit outs cater to organisations looking to create vibrant, collaborative workspaces that inspire creativity and innovation. They are also suitable for businesses undergoing expansion or relocation, as well as those seeking to modernise their existing office environments.


Whether it’s redesigning meeting rooms, breakout areas, or open-plan workspaces, Cat B fit outs offer a versatile solution to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of office spaces, ultimately contributing to the success and well-being of employees while aligning with the strategic objectives of the business.

Reasons to Consider a Cat B Office Fit Out

Businesses considering a Cat B fit out should ask themselves several key questions to determine if it’s the right solution for their needs:

  1. Does our current office space reflect our brand identity and support our organisational goals?
  2. Do we require a more customised and tailored workspace to enhance productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction?
  3. Do we have the resources and budget to invest in a comprehensive interior refurbishment?
  4. Are we anticipating future growth or changes that would benefit from a flexible and adaptable office environment?

Answering these questions can help businesses assess their readiness and suitability for a Cat B fit out, guiding them in making informed decisions that align with their strategic objectives and aspirations.

Discuss Your Goals With an Expert

Consulting with an office renovations expert can provide invaluable insights for businesses contemplating a Cat B fit out. These professionals possess extensive knowledge and experience in assessing workspace needs and tailoring solutions to meet specific requirements. By engaging with an expert, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive evaluation of their current office space, including its layout, functionality, and aesthetics.

Renovation experts can conduct thorough consultations to understand the unique goals and priorities of the business, helping to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for enhancement. Through collaborative discussions and site assessments, they can provide expert guidance on whether a Cat B fit out is the right choice for the office.


Moreover, renovation experts can offer valuable advice on budgeting, timeline planning, and project management, ensuring that businesses have a clear understanding of the implications and considerations involved in undertaking a Cat B fit out. Ultimately, consulting with an office renovation expert empowers businesses to make informed decisions that align with their objectives and aspirations for their workspace.

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