How To Make Your Brand Stand Out In Your Office

You don’t want your office to look like everyone else’s. 

The moment a potential customer or client steps in, you should want your branding to jump out at them. Countless businesses fail to incorporate their branding into their office design effectively, either missing the mark on seamless integration or focussing entirely on great design instead of personalisation. Your company’s brand, values, and success should be written all over your workspace.  

Incorporating your branding in to your workspace helps to reinforce your unique identity and image. Helping to further differentiate you and your brand from your competitors. 

To help you make this a reality, we’ve compiled a list of some easy ways to help your brand stand out in your office design!  

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Use Your Brand Colours

Effective branding within your office doesn’t need to be ‘in your face’. In fact – the subtler, the better! Everything boils down to having strong brand choices that can be seamlessly woven into your overall design, and incorporating your colour scheme is a brilliant place to start. 

Having distinct colours as a part of your logo or general brand marketing plan is crucial, and putting in the effort to bring those same colours into your workspace can have a powerful impact on your overall image.  

And feel free to get creative with it! This doesn’t mean everything in your office needs to be an aggressive, overwhelming match of the same colour over and over, but even tiny pieces can help smoothly bring your brand into the space. Play around with accent walls, particular pieces of furniture, artwork, or even plants.  

Incorporate Your Logo

 Perhaps the most obvious part of your branding is your logo. For most office spaces, incorporating their logo doesn’t go past the obvious: doors, signage, and products. But if you’re looking to make your business stand out, we encourage you to start thinking outside the box regarding how your logo can be brought into the smaller details of your workspace. 

Adding your brand logo or even just your business name to pieces all throughout your office can make all the difference. Desks, chairs, shelves… the list could go on! These are subtle but highly effective options to showcase your brand identity and bring it to every corner of your business. 

Customise, Customise, Customise!

Customisable elements can help your business stand out from your competitors. Even something as small as stationary can so easily be designed to have your logo, colours, or business name stamped on top. Not only is it wonderful marketing to have clients leaving with items branded with your business, but it sets a great a positive image for your brand as a whole. Look into stationary, pens, notebooks, business cards, or even custom signage to boost your office space! 

Customising digital branding within the office can be a strong option as well. Interactive screens or digital signage can showcase your latest products or developments, along with the digital branding of your company logo or tagline. 

Make Use of Your Wall Space

If you’ve got empty walls in your office, you’re probably wasting some prime real estate. These spaces offer a perfect opportunity to showcase and build your brand image. This goes beyond what we discussed earlier, with paint or decor choices that suit your chosen colour scheme – how can you use your wall space to promote your work

Branded posters, awards, displays of your achievements, pieces of your brand’s history, or promotions of your overall values can empower your business greatly. When a customer walks in, you want to create a positive impression of your brand and the strengths of your work… perhaps your wall decorations are the way to make that happen! 

Plan Ahead

Putting in the time to plan ahead for your office design can strengthen your branding in the space in several ways. A well-designed office space will reflect the company’s culture and values, providing a visual representation of what the brand stands for. This can positively impact employee morale and productivity, as well as impress clients and visitors who enter the space.  

Additionally, designing an office with branding in mind can create consistency across all aspects of the company’s public image, including signage, colours, and messaging. By taking the time to work with a renovation and design expert, you can ensure that your office space is visually appealing, productive for staff, and effectively helping your brand stand out all at once! 

Contact HQ Renovations for Further Branding Advice

By taking just a few of these easy steps, you can help ensure that your office space is set apart from those of your competitors. There are countless ways to naturally incorporate your branding into your office design, effectively working to both create a dynamic workspace and strengthen your overall branding. 

If you’re looking to redesign your office space, HQ Renovations is here to help. Our renovation and refurbishment experts can make sure that your branding is at the forefront of every aspect of your office design. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your vision will be brought to life with the flair and industry experience of a trusted professional. Contact us today to discuss your design needs. 

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