How To Design A Home Office That Works For You

These days, working from home is more popular than ever. Plenty of people are working remotely full-time, or even spending half their time in the office and half at home. There are plenty of benefits on offer, but only if done right. Having a poorly designed home office can affect your productivity, health, and quality of work. Continue reading to learn about our top tips for designing a home office that suits your needs best.

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Prioritise Focus  

Many people working from home struggle to focus. It’s only natural – you’re surrounded by distractions, sometimes even family members or pets that might be snagging your attention. Plus, it can be difficult to get into ‘work mode’ when you’re in the same environment that you sleep, relax, and socialise. This is why focus needs to be your top priority when designing your home office. So, how can you do that?

Firstly, it is imperative that you find a quiet spot. Especially if you live with other people, you need to set up your office somewhere you will be less likely to get disrupted during office hours. It can be helpful to design a specific space for working that isn’t used for any other purpose, as this can help your brain get into ‘work mode’. Once you have the best location, you can design all the smaller elements to support your focus as well.

Natural Lighting Makes All the Difference

 Creating a home office means you get to create your perfect workspace – so you should take care to eliminate some of those negative aspects of a standard office building that wouldn’t be in your control. Lighting is a perfect example of a factor that you can improve when it’s in your control. Why bring harsh, fluorescent, unnatural lighting into your home workspace? You have an opportunity to get rid of those nasty headaches and tired eyes.

The solution is simple: natural lighting. Set up your home office in an area that offers plenty of natural daylight, helping you feel more energised and comfortable. Getting sunlight all throughout the day helps improve your levels of vitamin D, helping keep your spirits high and increasing your likelihood of getting a good night’s sleep. A home office gives you the opportunity to work in a well-lit area with a range of health benefits!

Want another perk? Working from a home office means you need to pay for all your energy consumption. By choosing natural lighting when you can, you’ll save on your energy bills along the way.

Protect Your Health and Productivity with Ergonomics

The term ‘ergonomics’ refers to the factors of an office that can contribute to comfort and productivity. Choosing comfortable, ergonomic furniture for your home office doesn’t have to be a matter of high-class luxury. Choosing ergonomic furniture is a choice that benefits your health and protects your well-being, seeing as you are going to spend several hours at a time working in this space.

Take into consideration factors such as back support, eye levels, posture, and comfort when choosing furniture for your home office. Not only will these things help you to focus and increase productivity, but they will lessen the likelihood of experiencing pain or injuries when working from home.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Personal Touch

This home office is yours. No coworkers to consider, decorative restrictions, or anything else like that. Don’t shy away from adding a personal touch! Surround yourself with colours and designs that you love to boost your mood when settling down to work at home. Having personal items around that motivate you and keep your happy will get you into the right mood for work. You have the opportunity to create the perfect home office that will work for you, so take the time to consider what helps you be productive and curate a highly personalised office space.

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